Monday, May 30, 2011

raspberries attack!

this was before exam when my mom forced me to eat raspberries.

my friends called this sohai face -.-

and and and 
RASPBERRIES MOUSTACHE! silllllllly betul.

Friday, May 27, 2011

far far away from new zealand.

it was few weeks ago when my cousin was still here with her mother. it's been a long time we havent seen each other so we went out for family dinner twice. it feels like we havent been seeing each other for ages, and of course we did a lot of talking and gossips :D few days before she went back to New Zealand, we had dinner at some cafe near my house. i went there right after Grace Tay and not to forget, i brought my camera this time.

sky juice and my mango ice blended. that little 'jelly bean' on top of it is totally my favorite. you guys should totally try it one day and get the shock of your life (:
long table full of unfinished food.
Hello family :)
we went outside to watch Prince William's wedding and shared a little bit of each other secrets (;
goodbye cousin ): will miss you loads and good luck about your ehem ehem! <3

the last picture before going home.

note to couzie : thanks for the pen from new zealand! and the note too (: i really like it a lot cause it has lots of functions! hahaha

Monday, May 16, 2011


i've been so lazy to update my blog so here's a little update.

not feeling good yesterday night after having 
little potato in shepherdoo. i dont think is the food problem cause audrey chin ate more than me. guess it's the sauce or something or mamak in the morning? 
starbucks been a good accompany for studying. i go almost everyweek twice. feel like my money is flowing away.

<3s cutest thang on earth. how much i wish that he will never learn how to talk and never grow up.

time to study. bye.