Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holding on

I'm seriously grounded.
Urgh urgh urgh.
Dont read it out, it's kinda rudee.

Since I'm grounded and I miss camwhoring so much,
So I decided to have fun in school.
I even brought phone to school.
And this is all my hasil.
Me and my bitchy babe.
Baju kurungss.
Cheryl ,my bitchier babe and me.
Idk what she's doing.
My boyfriend. Haha.
In the car.
Blue and pink matcheddd.
The aunty who we always backstabbing about.
My tongue.
Retarded humans.

I know it's only a few.
But I'll get more soon.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dedicated to my very berry best friend, AudreyChin :)

Hello peeps. I feel like blogging out of a sudden because i want to make sure the whole world know how much i love Audrey Chin Wei Ling. Like duh, of course more than my *ahem*. She's the person i love the most, other than my family, or maybe more than my family and *ahem*. No one can replace her as she is my everything.

HAHAHAHAAHAHA, i know you guys know who I really am. AHAHAHA. I lack of love lah, let me syoksendiri here can?

The author says 'Ehem.'*coughs*