Monday, January 31, 2011

yes pimples, you can go away naw. thank you.

dinner with the family.

  my cousin made us an ohzome dinner before my sister left. 
and it was like YUM YUM YUM YUM.
chicken & potatoes.

i had 3 glasses of this.
dinner is almost readdddy.

oops sorry, that's my hair. 
this is the best place to dine with the cool breeze.

awwwww so cute (:


boxing herself. HAHAHAHHAHAHA
playing ipad while watching despicable me after dinner.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

i finished one box of Hello Panda within 2 weeks (Y)

 strawberry is always the best flavour.

 kung fu panda! or taekwondo panda?
 juicyyyyy straberrrrry.

 bite it, lick it and taste it!
shit you yo pimples. please go away before Chinese New Year starts okay.
hello, i'm new on facebook.
feel free to add me you f*king hackers (:
Jil Ee Tan

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oh and i dyed my hairrrrrr :D 
And i cut my rapunzel's hair )':

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

come home ):

goodbye, my partner that i've been living for 16 years one month 22 days )':
the room feel so empty without you, and i have no one to talk to every night.
come back now, will you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

jars of hearts

 vintage shorts
 off shoulder tee

more accesories.
that is all i want before CNY. my mother is banning me from going shopping, I WANT TO LOAD MY WARDROBE WITH MORE CLOTHES!

oh shoby, can i have him? just for this picture (: he looks so much like chace crawford.

waiting for something that isnt going to happen. 
sorry friends, i would try to heed all of your advice but there's something in me wouldnt listen.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I had a bad morning. My family decided to bring my sister out for her last bak kut teh in Msia. Just as usual, we brought my little nephew along too. After breakfast, we went grocery shopping at tesco. While lining up at the counter, my nephew was attracted by the babies department so he pulled me there. Just like the adults say, he's worth more than millions. He has to be taken care well. Every step he walks is so wobbly, banging here and there. that's why I was holding him so tightly, so afraid that he will fall on the floor. He stopped at the babies shoes area, pointing to me all all the incredibly tiny shoes and trying to tell me he wants one too. He was so helpful when he saw some of the shoes dropped off the rack. When he bend down and his forehead hit on something. He started crying and I carried him to my mother. Until I saw blood on his forehead, I was so panicked. I'm a st John aider but I totally forgot what was I supposed to do. At last, we used foods to make him stop crying. And luckily his mother did not blame me at all. I made a child bleed and the guiltiness was deeply buried in me. If he has a scar, my guiltiness will never fade away.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be-late-for-something Day

Soooo, went volleyball training in the morning. Was late for one hour and went back one and a half hour later.
Went St John meeting with the other schools in the afternoon. Was late for few minutes and was punished to pump for 20 times in a shot for not greeting the sirs, was late and blah blah.
At night, went dinner with my father's friends and cousins. Was too early so we went Tesco to buy my sister's stuffs. And then, we were late again for few minutes.
i'm so lazy to upload. so here are the pictures.
overnight at my cousin's house. my sister wouldnt allow me to go out with them so I was staying at home playing with photoshop. they came back at 4, puking every where and smelt bad. ewwww.
woke up 11 in the next morning. Was late to Mid Valley to meet my friends. Shopped for 1 hour plus and only bought two accessories.
reached home late and had steamboat with the family.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

you not cool.

all you give me, is a damn shit reply. never use silence to answer my question.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Long lost post.

i lurfffffff macbook's webcam :DDDD

HELLLOW, i wasnt in the mood of blogging and I was asked to update my blog because of the deadness. Using my sister's Mac Book now, so no pictures to upload yet ):

1. 2011
I'm going to be sweet sixteen in like 24 more days? It's time to grow up and be mature, just like how I used to be :) I promised, no more bitching about people too much, no more eating too much junk foods, study more and be more hiaw. Something has gotten into these few days, I waved like a slut and called out loudly HELLLOW BABEH when i see my ex-classmates. They felt so embarrassing to wave back to me. HAHAHA.

2. 3A'2010
I miss all my classmates in 3A. very very much ): I miss the noisiness, craziness and the rajin-ness of them. and my gang! i miss talking and singing loudly in class, i miss turning around and talk to any friends, i miss gossiping, i miss making noise anytime i want, i miss sleeping under the fan without anyone disturbing, i miss all the teachers who taught us in Form 3, i miss how we laughed at each other's stupidness, i miss being quiet sometimes, i miss copying my friends' work, i miss eating foods in class any period, i miss how my friends disturb Encik Salleh, i miss raising my voice louder than some of the teachers, i miss the toilet rombongan, i miss the good air circulation class, i miss being so close with mostly of the classmates, i miss hugging anyone randomly and i miss walking around the classroom and just sit on anyone's lap :((((((((

3. 4N'2010
I dislike mostly of my classmates except for the chinese gang. there's only 6 chinese in class. The class is under bad condition. It's so hard to have a good sleep in class but I always fall asleep in class. Honestly, I dont like my class's standard. No Eibhilin, no Audrey Chin and all the smart asses. The most important, I'm not happy with all the teachers who are teaching us for English subjects. My mind goes blank when they teach us subjects in English with BM and I will just go to sleep without bothering. The malays will be so happy answering teachers and showing off how much they understand. BULL SHIT LAH.
Oh and our bullshit Sivik teacher. We were rushing last minute homework during his period. He was critisizing us indirectly with 'Contohnya, kamu selalu buat kerja sekolah last minute dan awak buatnya dalam period cikgu lain, adakah kamu berwawasan?' Damn bitchy right! And so he gave us some home work to make promises in class. I am so going to write this ' SAYA TAK AKAN BUAT HOMEWORK LAIN PADA PERIOD GURU LAIN' on purpose. See how he's going to critisize me for the next time. HAH.

4. Tuitions
I have a total of 7 tuitions in a week. STRESS RIGHT. And maybe adding another three more tuitions next month if I can't catch up anything in school. Where's my honeymoon period yo? I still strongly refused to go that Sunday class. I so tak suka man. Sunday should be my day to do homeworks and rest at home. Why wont my parents understand me? :/

5. Busy January
I'll be having so many things to plan and finish in January. My sister is leaving on 22th and I'm going to take over the room, her closet, her study table *MWAHAHAHHA* oh and her book shelves which is full of reference books and exam papers. three lines on my forehead man.

6. CNY
It's like few more weeks to CNY! omgeeeee, i'm so in the cny mood. can't stop singing those stupid cny songs and planning how much to save. HAHAHHA. went to dig my wardrobe and found out that I have 14 new tops & 3 bottoms only. I need to go and get the acid wash shorts i've been finding everywhere. OH AND P/S: I'll be going cameron on the third day until the fifth day of CNY. DO NOT HAVE ANY PARTY WHEN I'M AWAY. or not you're so going to pay double for my angpau (:

7.  i'm still 50% bitchy.
I will bitch about whoever you talk to. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

8. a broken heart is still under recovery.
thanks a lot, you-know-who-you-are(s) (:

i've been waiting for your call. WHY CANT YOU WAIT FOR ME?! i thought we were supposed to change school together!!!!!111 PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER OKAY through inbox on fb.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

you moved on even faster than me. you're the reason of my daily life got stucked. i shall move on.