Sunday, January 31, 2010

I had the best birthday party.

I want an acoustic birthday song :)
Am i requesting too much? Hee.
Today was too much to describe, im not awake yet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I shall just call it a day.

School senamrobic was so boring. I miss Puan Khor okeh :(

Did you ever seen kampung people go to Aeon?
Did you ever seen people go to Aeon with naked legs?
Did you ever seen people wearing something like pajamas to Aeon?
Did you ever seen people fell somewhere at the roadside and laughing at their own?

Well, since I had lost my reputation in front of so many people and Audreychinweiling's blog so Im not embarass to post it here since I think mostly people wont read it because it's so long. Here comes the story.

Im very very VERY VERY unlucky today okay, but let's just call it a day. Followed Audreychinweiling's house without planning after school. No phone, no camera and no clothes. I had to borrow shirts from Audreychinweiling and I can tell you all the clothes she lent me TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE PAJAMAS OKEH. I had no choice but wearing the very random white shirt and those kind of shorts that you wear at home. THE UGLY TRUTH : I FELT SO EMBARRASING FOR WEARING LIKE THAT TO AEON OKEH. And i couldnt stop complaining to her on the way to Aeon.

Audreychinweiling was being VERY VERY stupid for giving me a pair of almost cacat flip flops okay. Of course, I kept complaining about it on the way to Aeon and *BOOOOOMB* HER BLARDY FLIP FLOPS TERPUTUS. I was really frustrated and complained even more and louder. So she had to sacrifice herself and changed her crocs flip flops with me. We koreked her bag just to find something to fix the dead flip flops under the sun somewhere in the empty car park. The stupid thing was she took the badge to clip the flip flops and she stopped every steps. Then, she decided to STAPLER HER CACAT FLIPFLOPS. Damn stoooooopid okeh. I was laughing my ass of because the stapler doesn't work and people in the car was stopping by and staring at us. Audreychinweiling was busy stapling her flip flops and she dont even know what happened.

Before reaching Aeon, I realized that I wore my shirt was like totally the wrong way I was like ZOMG ZOMG. But i couldnt stop laughing at my stupidness.

Once we reached Aeon, Audreychinweiling got fed up with her flip flops and decided to run around in Aeon with NAKED LEGS while we went to find new and cheap flip flops. Unfortunately, not really many people realized her leg was naked. Went to Sakae Sushi and Popular for the CF board materials after that.

The second embarrasing moment of mine was I FELL. I was laughing at Audreychinweiling waving at a lorry driver with her icecream and was demostrating when we were on the way going back to her aunt's house. I couldnt control my laugh and lost my balance and FELL. A guy saw everything and was like staring at me. DAMMIT. I hope he dont remember how I fell okeh. Imagine how embarrasing!

On the way back, we couldnt stop laughing and some stupid plants scratched my leg. The security was asking me, Adik! You okay tak? I just couldnt stop laughing and said no eventhough it hurted so much.

YES, today was already saved in my mind and my history. The worst and funniest day I ever had.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are the lost ones.

Had the best ceramah in school today. Everyone was so simply hyper and the atmosphere was so awesome. I dont know why I still can fall asleep on Xiu's back. Shhhhh. "Your prize is you get to use Convent toilet for free today!" and he proposed to Evelyn Tiong in front of everyone. So Evelyn was officially Mrs Liew! Hahahahah!

Had a long and good conversation with Xiao Zhi on the phone. It's her birthday today anyway. Chatting with her makes me miss primary school life A LOOOOADS. Andddd she made me feel like transferring to Kwanghwa. Geeeeeez.

I dont want to have a war like this, let's just make it clear and done.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This is not i want.

I wish the first day of Febuary never come true.
I guess it's my fault for having stupid thoughts again.
Fairy tales dont come true.
So, dream on.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A very ranzom sunday. Went to Pyramid, was supposed to celebrate Audreychinweiling's birthday but I have to go home early. Sat train then bus for the first time with all those bitches. My skating doesnt get better because I skated just a while. No hot guys spotted and failed buying Audreychinweiling's birthday present because time is not enough. The bitches went to Italiannies for lunch and I missed it. D.a.m.n.
I dont have many pictures because my phone camera sucks.
Someone buy me an awesome camera.
On the bus.
Werny kept using my phone to take some of her pictures with others and without me.
Pancake house for breakfast.
Evee wore her own shoes to skate. Just kidding.
Seeeee? I told you. I pushed myself inside the picture one okeh.
Messsssy hair.
Ban cute.
My cousin decided to lend me his iPhone without charger. Smart ass.

Saya, makan, apple.
Hwing cant stop laughing at this picture.
What's wrong? :(
The damn cute pins i stole from Adeline in school.
Cheer practice in Tjemyn's house.
Look at tongshin's super-tiny-smelly leg over there.

Stressful week starts tomorrow.
Monday : Piano lessons then chinese tuition.
Tuesday : CF meeting, Chinese class, Cheer practice, House practice then Asiah. *stressss*
Wednesday : Get everything done day.
Thursday : Rushing homework day then dancing class.
Friday : Gerald and private tution.
Saturday : Koko then cheer practice on a public holiday.
Sunday : Bildeeeen.
Next monday : Repeating again. Anddd thinking of not staying at home to listen my mother's nag on my birthday.
Planning to go back Tskua.
We think it's still the best tuition ever and we miss that old man :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time is never enough.

Because Im not having much time, Im just going to wish shortly to all Januaries. Even though some are too late and some too early.

Happy birthday, Hwai Jon. Thanks for your iPod touch, it's battery went low very very fast.
Happy birthday, Alycia Ng Shin Ee. She was my best far far cousin.
Happy birthday, Audrey Chin Wei Ling. I wished you earlier in the previous post.
Happy birthday, Hung Yang. See you soon.
Happy birthday, Lixian. She was my best friend in Talento.
Happy birthday, May Chia. She was still my friend since we were 5 and best friend now.
Happy birthday, Jaspreet Kaur. Thank you for making so much noise in tuition and school and the porny jokes.
Happy birthday, Xiao Zhi. I MISS YOU SO DAMN MUCH OKEH.
And the stories goes on.

Cant wait for Chinese New Year. Damn damn excited cause plan to go every friend's house almost everyday. And my family is not going Cameron or somewhere else this year. Soooo, Im free for the whole week. Yay, let's parrrrty!


Thanks to Tan Jilyne. She insisted to share my icecream and told me that she had sore throat in after she had the icecream. I lost my beautiful voice, and had a sexy voice. Some people agreed with my sexy voice and think it's much better than my previous voice. What an insult. Heh. And some people couldnt stop staring and laughing at my voice. SHUDDUP or I will spread my virus to you.

You are becoming the second bitchy queen that we dont like it. You think that you have a good back up and so? You'll see what happened next if you continue that way.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A very random day.

Sheena signed on my leg and it cant go off. Thankyou Sheena.
The collection of I loves :D
Today school, decided to take some picture since all the good friends and best friends came to school. But failed camwhoring.
Adeline Sim :p
Adeline and her creation with milo. Damn creative. WTF
SMILEEEEY that cheers up your day.
Cousin came to my house and I was exploring his awesome phone and iPod touch. Drew a picture of him and made a fake signature.
Hypered in the kitchen while my mother is cooking. Manja-ing my sister the whole time and making non stop dramas in front of my amah how my sister screwed me. Rolled on the floor laughing made my mother got so frustrated and asked me to shut up and get lost from the kitchen. Yessss, at least I dont have to help her cook. Hehehhehehe!
I finally got a official nuffnang account! OMFG This is aweeeesome! But make sure you comes more often to my blog, if you do so, I'll spare you few percent of the cash. Just kidding. As if I can reach RM100. Bytez.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

15yo girl.

This year, her birthday celebration in school was planned very simply but funny. The canteen chocolate cake was sold out so we decided to buy a sausage as a so called cake. We actually poke the candle on the sausage, and it looks like pennis. Happily sang the birthday song and she tried to blow out the candle very hardly. FYI, the candle i brought was relighting candle. She got frustrated on her birthday. Hahaha.
10 years friendship and 7 years best friend!

When both of them were together, they are called the super childish team.
Her boyfriend. Just kidding.
Best shopping partner.
She's always shorter than me.

She's borned on 14th January 1995, 15 years ago. Audrey Chin Wei Ling 14th Jan 1995, 5.25 pm. exactly 15 years. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I, i'm going to have some stupid classes every sunday which bothers my weekend very very much. I was arranged to go to the junior class for being new. But at least the class ended very fast and it was in Subang so i get to go Sunway Pyramid anytime i want.

After class, went to mamak then home. Joewei went back earlier and I was watching Nicole playing sims. Then, we started to bodoh which i dont know what it's means.

Big girls bullying.

Siaopo. There's no second word to describe.
Advertising rejoice! HAHAHA
Christmas is overrrr.

I was tying her hair.