Monday, December 19, 2011

the sistah!

so it was sunday afternoon i was watching tv so comfortably in the living room, watching one of Steven Chaw's movie. My father was upstair talking on the phone while my brother and mum went out for shopping. then, the door bell rang and i sensed that something was not right when i saw my sister's friends outside my gate. and there my sister popped from the side of the door, i got the shock of my life. TAN JIL LYNE CAME BACK WITHOUT ANY OF US KNOWING. oh ma god, i got a heart attack and the next thing i know, i was crying. i swear that's not tears of joy but i was really shocked. so yea

THE SISTAH IS BACK! we went shopping the next few mornings. 
with Yieng Shing, her boyfriend and May Chia.
and we had the best Nasi Lemak ever in Villiage park!

it was real fun day with all <3

self feeding

so my brother came back one week ago and of course i'm always looking forward to...

the food he brought back. nyehehehehehehe

a whole big packet of cappuccino nougat.
my fav barbecue sauce! i'm going to mix it with any food next time. heh

this is most probably for my niece and nephews.
and more and more and more chocolates in the fridge! this is going to be a fat holiday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

mural painting 2011

everytime when you're on the way to cafeteria, you might not ever notice one abandoned wall on your left hand side. well, we interactors made use of it (:
Day 1 - from an empty, dirty, unnoticed wall, we started with preparing alphabets cardboards and wrote it on the wall.  
Day 2 - painted the words and started with a little of blue background.

day 3 - bought the wrong paint so few stars were added.

day 4 - almost done and i bet it's done (:

and a little touch up.

i know how bad is this picture, but just to show how happy we were to get free ice creams from teacher! :D 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

champagne showers

i havent been having a good sleep since yesterday. not use to my new bed yet tho its damn bouncy and i can totally sink in it. my parents should really get a sofa for our new living room soon, i cant stand watching tv without slouching around. so i apparently shifted into my new house and still in the process of cleaning up stuff. honestly, i still have like 50% of my stuff at my old house. oh noooo, im not even sure if i can fit everything into my new house.

so my day started with little macllan's one year old birthday party! he's now a damn handsome and cute kid but somehow he doesnt like any of us to play with us. oh well, hope he will get use to me and like me soon as Kerwyn is already growing up soon.

kids nowadays have really nice birthday cake. jellllly.

it looks more like his mom's birthday. lol

so preeeeeeeeeeeety :D
 birthday boy! he finally smiled to my camera :D :D
and watching the kids chasing water bubbles around is so funny. kerwyn never fail to be so cute (:

 cousin brought me to hartamas in mont kiara after party. had moocow. im never a fan of yogurt but this is totally a bomb especially with oreo crumbs. YUMMMM :9 cousin went to meet with her friends while i walked around the mall for shopping. 
 and dinner at sungai buloh! it was really one of the best chinese food i ever had. the restaurant was flooded with people and the long journey there was really worth it.

food sapu-ed.
 before and after. LOL
poor chicken.

conclusion : good day (:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

dare you to move.

i have no idea why am i blogging for. so i've been dead for like few weeks and people been complaining about my dead blog. but still, i've got nothing else to do now and so here. i had thousands of words to speak.
1# end year exam was finally over after three weeks of torturing. allelujah. but still i did it quite badly. listening to all my friends complainin that they almost got A+ seriously gave me motivation to study harder next time. but im pretty sure it wont be happening.

2# i seriously dont understand you. why the hell are you disliking me? does backstabbing me around entertain you? if no then stfu. you are seriously one good actress, you talk so nicely to me in front of everyone and turned around talking bad about me. gedda life, we are already 16. who still do backstabbing job? honestly, i dont judge people by size and look, as for you, you suck in everywhere. sorry to be mean, this is just a little revenge to make myself feel better. go on with your jealousy, do remember i will be 'ahead' of you no matter how hard you tried to ruin my life. lol that's what my friend told me.

3# been busy with moving into new house. after years, i'm still sharing room with my sis and we're going to have wardrobe problems soon or later. and guess what, we are going to have sleepover and bbq party soooon :D hoyeahhhh noisy people!

love my new silk blanket! <3

Friday, September 23, 2011

i'm so lazy. so this blog will be dead for the 101th time again

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i seriously have nothing else to do here in Bandung and i miss my camera a lot ): siggggh.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


this is what you can stare at when you're hungry.

mcdonalds lime ice cream.
starbucks! <3

mc shakers with large fries! totally worth it.
oh annnnd strawberry fondue!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

interact farewell partay 2011

Last Saturday, we had Interact Club Senior Farewell Party 2011 at Puan Renuka's house. And her house was, FUH. huge and nice! especially her neighbour's house, SUPER LUXURIOUS. okay, so me and wei ling went there right away after chinese class. while wei ling went to plan the games with angeline, i was in thekitchen with shoby helping out with the food. i can say this year party was a little better because of the fooooood! it's even better than 5-star hotel food, no kidding.
Cheesy mushroom, muffins, lasagna, NACHOS WITH CHEESY SAUCE <3 and barbequed marshmallows! 

Puan Renuka's dog! sucha good boy. weiling even kissed it with her lips.
p/s: never let her kiss her cheek, and she kissed on xiu's cheek today. HAHAHAHA 

 group photos of the seniors 2010/2011.

 treasure hunt! it was reallly funny looking people running around the house area, trying to find for clues. especially people who ran around with food stuffed in the mouth and left their shoe in the middle of the road.
 winners of treasure hunt.
 next game, pass the parcel!
jyeyih did yoga, that was a dare btw.

the fun stops here.