Sunday, November 13, 2011

champagne showers

i havent been having a good sleep since yesterday. not use to my new bed yet tho its damn bouncy and i can totally sink in it. my parents should really get a sofa for our new living room soon, i cant stand watching tv without slouching around. so i apparently shifted into my new house and still in the process of cleaning up stuff. honestly, i still have like 50% of my stuff at my old house. oh noooo, im not even sure if i can fit everything into my new house.

so my day started with little macllan's one year old birthday party! he's now a damn handsome and cute kid but somehow he doesnt like any of us to play with us. oh well, hope he will get use to me and like me soon as Kerwyn is already growing up soon.

kids nowadays have really nice birthday cake. jellllly.

it looks more like his mom's birthday. lol

so preeeeeeeeeeeety :D
 birthday boy! he finally smiled to my camera :D :D
and watching the kids chasing water bubbles around is so funny. kerwyn never fail to be so cute (:

 cousin brought me to hartamas in mont kiara after party. had moocow. im never a fan of yogurt but this is totally a bomb especially with oreo crumbs. YUMMMM :9 cousin went to meet with her friends while i walked around the mall for shopping. 
 and dinner at sungai buloh! it was really one of the best chinese food i ever had. the restaurant was flooded with people and the long journey there was really worth it.

food sapu-ed.
 before and after. LOL
poor chicken.

conclusion : good day (:

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Jo Serwey said...

ahahahaha nice post jilee :D