Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Engaged ring

Stayed back in school until 5 yesterday. Supposed to have Interact Rehearsal but I'm not dancing the wild dance so went to lepak around the school. Saw Adeline at the basketball court and buat bodoh with her.

She made me a ring made by grass and I decided to marry her. Hahahah WTH.

We looked like L, dont we? ;)

Ohhh btw SS, dont jealous. Teehee!
Working really hard to tie up the grass ring.

Peeking at purple's house cheer practice.

This is the best part if you stay back after school.

Finally, another one was done!

She was kidding that she wanted to have a picture of her ass and I did.

Evelyn was stucked up there and couldnt get down.

Boredom kills seriously.
I need my photoshop right now. YAWNS.

Zom zom.

Oh, you better do.

Everyone has the wrong version of Today was a Fairytale.
I want the full version onee.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So called photoshop

The 7th day of CNY.
Went to Evelyn's house today.

Won banyak banyak for the first time though Im kinda suck in blackjack.
Jumping and screaming around.
Being the banker is the best part. :)

An unexpected visitor came to my house this evening and we start gossiping and chit-chatting around. She brought her pendrive and started to buat bodoh. She recommended me a photoshop software which is damn awesome but damn chinesey. After exploring around my pictures file, decided to use Miley Cyrus because Ru Min hates her and we have no other people to play around.


And after,
I know it's too exaggerating but maybe next time i'll make a better one. Thanks for coming anyway Ru Min, at least you cheer up my emo night which i supposed to have one tonight.

Do you know those evil witches in fairy tale? You are one of them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Shandy dont make people dizzy, then what the hell was I dizzy about today?

I fckingly lost my bloody fcking pendrive in some fcking place. Sorry i cursed so much but Im seriously fckingly pissed off. What if some fcking people took it and look what's inside and blahblahblah? You guys should also worry about it cause your damn personal, self-obsessed pictures and nude pictures are inside too okweh! Maybe not nude, but do you think it's nice showing some unknown people I took picture of your pretty undies? Im so sorry but Im the biggest part of victim okeh. I FCKINGLY WANT MY PENDRIVE BACKKKKK.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blah blah blah

I found my valentine date, finally.
And since her partner is flying to somewhere, she'll be half of my valentine date. Heehee. FYI, Im just a temporary lesbie for one day. HAHAHA

Awesome fireworks. I thought my cousin was just kidding that he's going to buy firecrackers and he really did.

Why CNY cant relax? But I dont mind being busy. :)
Happy valentine's day and happy chinese new year to all again!

Where are you when i need you?
You made me emo again. :(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Two in One.

I just remembered valentine's day is tomorrow and this movie is only showing on 25th Feb. WTF. Andddd, happy chinese new year eve to all. Chinese new year made me busy. I shall post the pictures when I feels like soon. See you guys. Toodles.

I, did something to my hair. You shall figure it out yourself soon. HEHE.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Windmill can burst your tummy.

Since my brother is going back to Aussie soon, my dad decided to bring us for our last dinner with my brother last sunday. No one can decide where to eat so I suggested Windmill to let my brother try at least something he dont get to eat there. I was just making nonsense though my brother can have steak in Aussie anytime he want. Im lazy, scroll down yourself.

It's actually editting skills.
My camera still sucks.
I had lamb chop chop.
I know my editting skills suck lah.
Shuddup :)

I skipped school today but went to sukantara. Before sukantara, went sushi with Jie and Wendy. Then walked to stadium.
It started to rain and everyone was cheering.
I dont have to explain what Ai Lin looks like right.
Tong Shin's eyes big enough eh?

And again, GREEN is leading the first!
Because we are awesome lah. :)
Ohhh, new year is next week.
It's like so fast and Im not done shopping yet. Nooooh.


Ignore Hao Jazz as a lousy background.

I'm bad.
But im still smiling :)
This is what you call the power of awesomeness. Yay! :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cross country 2010

Today was cross country and I nearly got top 20 okay. Not syoking sendiri but it's true. For the first time, I almost got top 20 seriously. I was running and walking fast, not stopping at all. Blardy form one and form two who blocked the way, FUCK you all lah. Just kidding. But seriously, i wondered why cant they just give us the way since they were not running? So without being polite, I pushed them to the side and continued running. And guess what? When i was like two steps to the finish line, they told me they already got top 20! I was damn blardy frustrated and thinking of not going to run next year and do my st john duty. I got the best result this year okayyyy. Damn blardy shit, i have no one to blame. &&&, GREEN house shall win on Sports Day i tell you. Wait and seeeee. :)

I love Yee Wern's cap SO MUCHHH and she wouldnt want to give me. Yeewernnnn, i dont love you laaaa.
Interact rehersal after that.
Many people were absent and I hope my sister screwed all of you up. HEH :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Injection hurts

My monsters cant make me happy, so I'm gonna make myself happy.

Injection hurts and sucks. Shobana was trying to comfort me with her own way but totally failed. Then I was already laughing with tears. People thought I was crying. Bitches laughed at me and the others comforted me. That's why they are bitches.

Dancing class,
me and Cheryl non-stop ouching all the time.

Im not being rasict but FUCK that malay girl who bang my left arm today left hannnnd without apologize.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I had 4 birthday cakes today. Awesooome :) and thanks for the cake. The first cake was Baskin Robbins icecream cake. Damn awesome i tell you, too bad the cake was going to melt so we had to eat in Jeth. The second was some coffee or something cake sponcered by Song Chee and her sister. & the third one was some small cheese cake from my aunt. Awesome too, it's the best Cheese cake I ever had okeh. Anddd the fourth one was with my twinny, Tricia's birthday cake too. I had an awesome day because I had awesome cakes.

And presents,
OMG OMG. I love the present you gave me Jien! Im gonna hug it to bed tonight. :)
And Rumin! Thankyou for the lil note and present! I miss reading the lil notes I used to recieved during primary times. && not forgetting for the others about the present. Thankyou thankyou and thankyou. And where's my present from the others? *winkswinks*

AWESOME I TELL YOU. Sadly, i didnt manage to take a picture with it :(
Remember their suprise party I planned?

They finally revenged on me. Geeeez.

And thankyou for the wishes on my facebook wall.
I counted, I have 5 pages of wishes. Yayyy, let me syok sendiri today can?