Wednesday, March 30, 2011

earth hour with lights on.

Sooooo, it's our weekly gathering again. Had so-called-light-meal in Subway then movie. THE EAGLE! Chaning Tatum was hot like shiz and I was hiding behind wenshin every scary part. then we went lepak around 8.30pm which is earth hour. 

P/s: please notice the lights are still on.

doesnt it gives you the sense of creepiness?
bullying audrey chin, just like we always do (;
Thad : eh eh take a picture of me.
*super zoom in*
Thad : WALAOEH SO NEAR FOR WHAT. further lah!
*stands meters away*
while waiting outside sushi for 20 minutes, Joshua went to scare the waitress to get us a table faster.
fooling around.

Hee zun was going to pay for our bill, i guess.
After waiting so long, we just walked away and went for Secret Recipe.
Thaddeus told me about some function in my camera and it's so coooool.
they are kids.
whaaaaadup punk?
guys showing off their sexiness, which they dont have.
mine and Joshua's. we were just trying out the drink.
Chau Jin and Hung Yang came and join us in Secret Recipe.
my drink came and I was trying hard to open the bottle cover.
Hee Zun : come lah, i do. *tried real hard but failed*

Thaddeus : gimmme. *tried harder but also failed*
Joshua : let me try. *put a little effort to open it* what's so hard?
oh and never try it okay. it tasted like alcoholic drink.
wenshin's wasted food.
after mostly people went home, they took all my coins and went to test their BMI.
Too bad Joshua wasnt there. I'm still wondering what's his bmi until now.

i thought it was over but i'm still not over it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

conversation #1
when you ask Audrey Chin Wei Ling where is *fill-in-the-blank*,
Wei Ling : *points at her nose*  inside here.

conversation #2
Cousin A : eh why didnt burn iPhone 4 for ah chor?
Cousin B : she doesnt know how to use.
Cousin C : burn manual book along lah!

conversation #3
Cousin D : burn car better.
Cousin B : she doesnt know how to drive.
Me : no license.

conversation #4
Me : wanna eat what?
Joshua : I'm full already *rubs tummy*
Wei Ling : YOU SURE?!!!!!!

conversation #5
one of my ancestor's graveyard have a very nice fengshui.
Cousin A : you know where is it burried here? cuz you can see mountain and river from here.
Me : oh so she can wake up every night to enjoy the view while eating candles?
Cousins : *gooooooosebumps while staring at me*

conversation #6
Went to have breakfast after praying with my cousins who never been to kampung.
Cousin A : do you know you have to wash the plate after you eat?
Cousin D : *stone*
Me : it's all self service you know.
Cousin D : what if i dont wash it clean?
Cousin E : you have to pay double.
Cousin D : really?!!!!
He fell for it while I'm really impressed with our acting skills.

Friday, March 25, 2011

one of us have to back off, so who's getting the guy?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

yay or nay?

I, Tan Jil Ee,

my long hair aka horse tail aka trouble
after one year of hard work of leaving it.
and please dont tell me
how short is my hair right now ): i'm having a depress time right now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

imy ):

Well, i see your very true colours finally. In the end, you chose to betray me and embarrass me to people i dont even trust. I'm changing my mind. I'm not going to be in the middle anymore and will be siding on the right side. Cuz i lost my faith in the left side.

I just showed Evelyn this and you know what? This iz a piece of genius work.

Friday, March 18, 2011

our newbie in school (:

during the busy holidays, i have to go to school everyday for interact practice. and guess what i found out? A VENDING MACHINE IN SMK CONVENT KLANGGGGG. HOYEAH BABEHHH >;) our school is finally thinking smart. so we went to try out the machine once it was set up! 

Oh btw, please ignore the ugly model there. She wants a picture with the machine and I forgot to take a picture of the machine, ALONE. 

SEEEEE?! no, i'm talking about the machine people. isnt it koooool?
oh it was super duper fantastically much cheaper than canteen drinks price eventho it's damn small cup. i would rather have a small cup to clear my thirstiness than spending double on a packet drink.

SOOO, lemme show you a little demo of how to make the machine works.

FIRST, put in coins. and no paper money.

SECONDLY, choose any drink you want! but not much choice laaaa.

THENNNN, wait for your drink to pop out! (:

Then the drink will spray out like how you pee.

LASTLY, take out your damn cup and enjoy your damn small cup of drink! :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

alex pettyfur spelt the word HOT.

It was kinda last minute plan, i followed Shoby back home after interact practice. Then we went Aeon with Evelyn, Audrey Chin, Ying Ying, Yee Wern and Chuan Jiunn. Me and Shoby went to try out Subway which is new in Aeon and met up with some aunties boasting. 
'Aiyo, i came first and now have to wait.'
'See we had been lining up just now and people kept cutting our line.'
'You see you see. Australia and US is not like that!'
'I want this this this, NOT THAT.'
'Wrap all the sandwiches nicely ah, the kids are eating in the car.' 
*roll eyes*
Seriously, she reminds me of my mother and my autnies. HAHAHA.

After Subway, we went to watch Beastly which Yee Wern been telling me weeks ago. The trailer was nice but the movie wasnt that nice. We made lot of noise in the cinema, just like usual. ALEX PETTYFER WAS SAID HOT HOT AND HOT. Eventhough with that ugly mask he has to wear in the movie, he still have the style that spells HOT.  

Oh and funny part of today's outing was, we were teasing Evelyn and Ah Jiunn the whole time.
They reminded me of some stuffs. Thanks a lot to Evelyn who kept rubbing salt on my wound -____- 
You shall wait for my sweet revenge ok (:
she's so ban cute in the movie that spells GROSS. and why is she always with the my guys? i repeat, MY guys.

now you finally understand why is he hot? THIS PICTURE SAYS IT ALL.

went Sakae Sushi and I went home earlier than all because of my piano class. And it was canceled last minute when my mother was already there to fetch me -_____-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming IU day.

This holiday
I'll be having IU day practive every morning.
Watching beastly and having SUBWAY tomorrow in Aeon :DDDDD
Going MBO with Say Koon and Xin Yee on Tuesday.
IU day rehearsal then drama practice on Wednesday.
Pushed all the tuitions to Thursday.
Before IU day last practice and tuitions. 
Saturday, IU day! 
See how is my holiday schedule packed. All credits to school IU day. 

Oh but I have Sunday break! Have no class that day like HOYEAHHHHH >;) i so wanna go out with the gang.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My amah just came back from Aussie yesterday and she was like 'Aiyo! the chocolate there so cheap! 10+ bucks only!''
'Amah, you are supposed to convert the money lah.'
'Huh? Siami lai eh? I bought few packets eh!'
Looks like I'm going to gain weight this holiday. hoyeaaaah >;)

i feel like... everything is gone ):
everything that used to belongs to me was taken and it was because I never learn to appreciate. that's always the saddest part of my life. suck yo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SAM TSUI is loveeeee

my new msn email! because msn doesnt want to give me back my old email just like what facebook did and i have to get a new one. sucks. has 7 years of history, i'd been using that email since i was like 8 years old man! THE WORST THING IS I LOST THOUSAND OF CONTACTS! ))))':
annnd people might be thinking, yer why uk? you think you from uk / british girl wanna be? i'll punch you people. i sucks in doing email because I havent been doing it in ages like uhhhh. P/S : DO ADD ME OKAY. I seriously need all of your email incase emergency happens!

PROUDLY ANNOUNCING THAT FIRST MONTHLY TEST IS OVER. HOYEAHHHH >:) i screwed off my test just like this and i'm cool like this. i miss using the computer and stalking around and youtubing Sam Tsui :DDD He's my new love! i now he's gay lah, but whatever.

im so lazy to grumble and its time to do my tumblr business. GOODABYE lovely peeps (: