Sunday, January 22, 2012

End of 2011.

i apologized a thousand times for not keeping my blog alive. i have no time to blog since the first day of 2012 so screw form 5 life. i pratically have tuition everyday, yes EVERYDAY.

So after weeks of waiting and bugging, my father finally bought me a phone. Samsung Omnia 7. It's a pretty cool phone but it does not satisfy me. I got no whatsapp and skype and the most important thing, FREAKING SECONDARY CAMERA. but still, i'll appreciate it like my baby because it's the only coolest gadget i have (except for my dslr)

i'm a sad kid and i know it. my phone graphic is pretty cool and one thing i like about it. i dropped it like 6 times? and it's still alive. and there is once, i dropped it on the tarred road and it was dragged a few centimetres with the screen fell flat on the road. i felt a little of heart ache and surprisingly, it has no scratch at alll!!!! one of my friends dropped her iphone and it was cracked. see who says iphone is cool without the cover?

Christmas 2011 was a little boring cause most of my friends have church to attend so me and my sister decided to make family dinner just for 5 of us (: we tried making chocolate chip but it failed and it ended up..

like a pan cake.

and the dinner for the night..

 it was pretty good but my sister got a few bad comment. guess she's not going to cook this anymore.

 vanity is what we do for the rest of the night.

happily posing with my phone when i thought it was the best phone for the first few days.

till then, bye.