Monday, June 28, 2010


We got the results today and I got really really bad result. Was planning the whole day with Shobana, Jaspreet and Kavitha how to tell my mother about my result. Asked for my sister and Yieng Shing's help and they decided to cool down the atmosphere if my mother get angry. Pretty shock when I reached home and told my mother but she was just like being very quiet then asking about my sister and Yieng Shing's result. In the afternoon, went to tuition and suddenly remembered that today was my mother's birthday when I was about the wrote down the date. Was planning for some surprise party for her later but my sister and brother are not here to help me. I shall go and ready to go out soon. Tata peoples!

happy birthday :)
thanks for not being angry at me because of my result. HEH.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nossup people. I'm blogging at the balcony of my cousin's house now. I can feel the insects flying around me, pretty gross. The cold air is gone but the air inside the house is colder. We had an awesome dinner. My aunt cooked for my brother, yea pretty unfair actually. But it's okay, he'll only be here for 2 months. Hahaha. Today class was much better than usual, the teachers said I have talent in art. That's pretty not true really. I'm not being bitchy, just honest. But sometimes, I think I have that talent actually. Shhhh. I'm going to miss you Sunday, I wont get to enjoy you anymore because after Wednesday there's going to be WTF.
W=Wednesday, T=Thursday and F=Friday!

When you are the only bitch, you dont have to pull the others to be bitches like you.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I cannot imagine when my mother goes to school and take my result. She's gonna faint and so am i. Stupid Sejarah pull me down, my mother is already sick of all my excuses and this time there's only one word to describe, DIE. She's grounding me, confisicating my phone (oh wait, who cares? All I have now is a damn CANGGIH phone. No difference lah.) and nagging me every single day.
Okeh, enough of this. It's making me emo.

So after so long of thinking, finally decided to go Kwang Hua since May Chia and Say Koon can go. Havent really plan about tomorrow but everything is going to be last minute. I wanted to go urbanscapes too :( How nice if I can split myself into two so that I can go both of the event.

Oh I was chosen as Training in charge for St John next year because they said I'm fierce. Wokay, my mother couldnt stop complaining about my sister for not giving me a better job when I told her about it. I dont mind actually, at least it's my turn to bully the juniors. HEHEHE. Pui Yee is going to be the president and Joveena is no more the secretary. Pui Yee is a lucky president. Hahaha.

Currently very addicted to twitter and formspringme. Yea, so will be updating this blog not that often anymore.
We're heading for a heart heart heartbreak
I'm gonna gonna turn around and walk away
Don't say you love me
Don't even
Don't say you love me
You're leavin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What the hell again?

I know it's gonna happened again. The same war gonna repeat and I dont want to get involve. Eventhough I know I already. Im trying really hard to stay out of it but it always keep dragging me in. All I want to do is just fading away. Yes, this is damn emo. Walaoeh, so not me.

How awesome if i have a twin sister or brother, at least i can share something with him or her.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Someone told me:

"You never know when and why you're wrong."

Oh, because people dont bother to tell me at all.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Phone spoiled, lost my digi sim card, lost my memory card, hate Sejarah paper a lot and what more?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why oh why?

Just came back from Korean BBQ since my father is sick. Talking about my sister's future on the way home and just realized that I'm going to leave on my own after few months more. She's leaving Malaysia in 6 months more and we should start to cherish our every moment. But we are still quarreling every single day like bitches. And it's always because of a shirt or just some tiny stuffs. When will it end? =/

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spongebob sharepants!

Came to my cousin's house since early morning. My aunt bought some machine that we can do pretty pretty cards. Well, i suck in it so I just did 3 cards. My cousin got a spongebob doll so we started to play with it.

Someone sent me chocolate icecream, chocolate cookies and chocolate. Super fattening.

PMR is in 3 months more. And I wasted my holiday by sleeping and eating everyday. Haven't study at all and school work not done yet. This is just so shitty ):

You babi peoples, promised that you guys will go any prom night since Form One. And now, giving excuses not going again. Babi peoples, dont so racist lah. Satu Malaysia okeh. & you guys always say "We should go that prom night lah, heard it's fun." after mostly of the prom night. Why not say it before the prom night? I bet you guys will regret for not going this musical night.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Working on it right now. Though I know I cant.
I'm lazy but I'm hardworking. Hahahaha, you know lah.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue eyes

Since Audreychinweiling have to come my house before tuition, we decided to bake cake. Wasn't really planning anything but just because I still have the ingredients. Simply flipping through those cake recipes and decided to do plum-raspberry-strawberry cupcake but end up like usual cupcakes lah. Since we are so pro in cakes *coughs coughs*, so this time trying to do some experiment on icing. And ended up with some cotton candy colour!
OURs' artwork.
We had to clean up the mess.
Well, i was trying to draw some word on it but failed lah. But it ended up looking cute what. Haha.
Look at the face cupcake. Damn cute kan ;D

This time cake was good but the icing tasted more like butter.Will try better next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes yes! Keep it up people. Love you people man. Just a click at the advertisment. What's so hard? :)

Making cupcakes again, but this time with Audrey. Hope the cupcakes dont fail like last time how me and Cheryl did! =/

Musical night or Father Day's celebration? Oh damn. This is so hard to choose.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Junk foods are my boyfriend.

Went to airport to fetch my brother back from Aussie today. Spent 40 ringgit in McDonald because of my niece's happy meal and saman by a police. But I guess my mother paid him as rasuah. And guess what's this? Tell you soon! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tony Roma's on a typical Sunday Night.

Was actually planning to have dinner at my aunt's house on that Sunday night but my sister insisted my parents to bring her to Pyramid. Class on that Sunday was really boring. Walking around area SS15 in Subang and I was the first one who did the presentation without preparing anything. After class, my uncle dropped me in Pyramid to meet my parents and we decided to have dinner there since I was starving.
Oh this was mine.
Awesome though I hate tomatoes.

Evelyn's suprise birthday party on Tuesday before Asiah. Adeline was the planner so the party failed a little.
Evelyn turns from 14 to 51. Awesomeee :)
And never forget about the cream on birthday girl's head.

Went Lagoon yesterday. Well, honestly I was still afraid of Pirate Ship but that was worse because it turns 360. Three orang cina was beside me and Cheryl and one of it was being like Cheryl. "Ouch, my boobs!" That made me dont feel like crying anymore after the ride. The second funny part was some stupid vibrator ride with Audrey. I thought something was wrong with the machine but it was actually Audrey was pressing some up and down button all the time. Spent mostly of the time in the swimming pool and some fella came to me and Cheryl for some under water photography thingy. That photographer cant even take a single nice picture and we had to open our eyes for so long in the water. While waiting for Audrey and Shobana, me and Cheryl went to play wet park again. It was really stupid we got stucked in the slide. The worker was supposed to help us but I guess Cheryl was trying very hard to push ourselves down. Mostly of the awesome rides were under constrution so super suck lah. Our legs hurt because we were walking under the sun with bare foots running around lagoon. We were rushing home but the stupid train delayed for half an hour again. What a MAJU country. My ass lah. Had Subway at the train station and Cheryl, THANKYOU for the free burger. *coughs coughs*

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bumblegum. POP!

Veeni tagged me this video on Facebook.
Bubblegum song with JS version! Awesomme.
Maybe me and my sister shall try to do like them soon.