Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Princess's Day.

Today is my niece which is my cousin brother's daughter, not my brother. 's birthday. So yesterday was so her birthday celebration at her house. Had steamboat buffet, damn awesome. Me and my sister put everything we want to cook. It's like you get anything you want just after few minutes. Fried and steam with 4 types of sauces. Ate so much that I need a diet soon.

Beautiful one.
My nephew got my genes that's why he's so cute :p
She has awesome birthday cake every year.
This year her cake theme was farming, something different.
I thought it would be barbie and dolly stuffs.
Cupcakes! So cute.
Awesomme chocolate cupcakes.
And this too. Sooou cute.
I want one too.
Moo moo.
Bunny and cowey.
The kids named it.
The head of the bunny made of candy.
Something taste like chewing gum.
Damn many kids.
I want a party like hers too. :(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buy me that.

I'm craving for phones that have such kind of keyboard recently.
Isn't it awesome?
My phone sucks and I want newwww phone ;)

My blog will be dead soon and it's already dead. Thanks to PPD for giving us exam and proudly to say that we're having Midyear Test right after 2 weeks of this stupid Latihan Fokus Shytz. I might have not enough time to go out, no time to visit my cousin's new house, no time to go on facebook and no time to update blog. Sucks, everything sucks.

Sunday Morning, went to play basketball with old friends and went wild.
This is the guys peeing style.
And the girls peeing style.
Should be shitting style.
So called Dirty Ass.
Whatever :p
Should be sexy. Hahahaha.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


My facebook status says ; Jilee Tan I'm sick of acting like strangers when seeing people that we used to be so close. Let's just stop the cold war. It sucks.

And watch me be the saviour of this cold war!
Gawd, im over hyper. Hahahaha.

But seriously, i need more guts kay. Why not just coperate with me? =/

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I made the totally wrong decision.
I chose the wrong person.

Oh no, it's this Saturday and we did nothing much yet. =/ I regret for joining the competition. :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fell right through the cracks.

I was really really bored so I decided to upload some random pictures which stucked in my phone since so long ago.
Last last, oh well i dont remember which Sunday. Family lunch in some restaurant. And celebrated my uncles' birthdays.
Then later, went to see monkeys on the way home and both of my nieces kept bugging my parents stop by at some playground.
Two babies, two bodyguards.
How awesome if I have a SLR with me.She's cute, sometimes. Hahaha.
A 17 years old girl trying to act cute like them but FAILED. Hahaha.
End of the day.

Last friday, Practice at Cheryl's house.
Audreychinweiling playing with Adeline's new wifey.
Cheryl, the oh-so-self-obsessed one.
Dont blame me okeh.
Adeline self invited herself and she helped us a lot. (:

Skip this.

Charity dinner charity dinner charity dinner next Saturday!