Saturday, July 24, 2010


Another Ipoh trip tomorrow with family trip, hope it will be awesome :)
I'm going to gain weight soon but I dont give it a damn lah.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

No no study yet.

I swear I havent study at all yet. Like seriously. I'm unlike the others lah, saying
"Yorh, I havent start studying yet. How?"
"Aiya, who cares about exam? Last minute study is my style."

Oh really, then why are you getting good results? Are you trying to tell me that you are so smart that you dont have to study a lot? No offence people. Im just saying about those kiasu people in my class. Sibeh kiasu. Everytime when they turn back, they will be like "Are you studying?!". Idiots.

I was busy with piano exam before Friday and was supposed to start today but was hanging out in Glad Tidings for Usher training and the workshop thingy the whole afternoon. And at night, the usual Saturday family dinner.

So I should go and study now. Bytez.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I need a time machine.

I want the whole collection of this, freaking bad.
Oh wait, I dont even have one of it ):

Piano Exam at 12.12 am. I played worse than my usual practice. Everyone did that actually. The examiner reminds me of my uncle and they are reallllly nice people. He makes me feel like taking exam again. I think I fall in love with him already. Hahaha kidding. I told you my blog is full of crap right ;p

Went to Mr Gerald in the afternoon, my eraser dropped on the floor and I dont give a shit to pick it up because I was waiting for some people to pick for me. Heh. After long, realized people kept staring at it and then only I realized that my eraser says " i love blah blah". Thanks to Whitney, and I definitely have to clean up all the scribbling on my eraser and ruler and everything in my pencil case.

Having family party at night tomorrow. Hmmm, gotta skip Pre-rally =/

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stop being arrogant.

i miss school and pj periods but not exam.
I know you people will miss me today and tomorrow :)

Thanks to you, you spoiled my day. And you are a MAJOR BITCH. I cant hate you, but I dislike you when you are being very bitchy. Dont give me that face, and trying to be like you are the queen. You're fake too btw.

My dad said he's going to get back my phone soooon. :DDDDD It broke down for 4 times dy and this is the 5th time of repairing. I wonder why the repairman will never get frustrated.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crappies stuffs.

The new pringles.
It tasted quite weird actually. I still prefer the original one better.

I told you that I will skip school today right. Yikes, I'm so boring right now. Everyone is in school now. I have no one to crap with. Almost everyone is closing down their blog because of PMR, so maybe i should do it soon too. But definitely not now because I still have many things to crap.

Found some pictures in my sister old memory card.
Some retarded people in the room, playing around with Shing's phone.
Guess who will have such fat and big ass?
I like her jeans lah btw.
Skip this.
Retarded people.
Skip skip this.
Shing playing sexy. They spamming my formspring.
Skip skip skip this.
And skip skip skip skip THIS.

Time to go practise piano already. byebye.

do i look like i care?

Skipping school maybe tomorrow and friday cause i'm having piano exam on Friday. Was practising the whole day. Believe me, this is the first time i'm practising more than half an hour. Improve a lil with the cd help but my scales and sightreading are getting worse. Failing scales will actually pull you down from distinction and merit. So i gotta work hard tomorrow for the last minute rush.

School is being very boring these few days. Teachers trying to finish the whole syllabus cause the next damn exam is coming out all. Feeling so stress when everytime i turn back and see Xiu and Kavee studying so hard. & when everytime people start asking me how much have i study already. Guess i'm gonna gain weight soon because i'm having chocolates everyday to release stress.

And guess what. We're having trials then the 4th monthly test then PMR after this exam. We're only 15 years old lil kids and why do we have to suffer so much???!!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


A typical Saturday afternoon, my cousin sister wanted to bring my nephew and niece to watch despicable me. My nephew is having art class at 3 so we decided to go somewhere near to watch movie. MBO is now open in Harbour Place, not really many people knows that place yet. That place is actually quite awesome to watch movie. It has reasonable price for the ticket and popcorn, big cinema that not even 20 people watching, bad service, dirty toilet (it's already a habit for me to pee during the movie everytime) and not-so-nice popcorn. I'm waiting for PMR to over so that I can go watch movie more often because it's damn near to my house.
This movie was awesome actually, I would rate it for 7/10. Cute and funny movie. But my nephew is being very noisy in the cinema and bothered me a lot.
Cute little monster. I want to have one of them in real life man :)
The small girl on the left is cute and anoyying.

My sister wants to watch eclipse so badly and we called the bunches of cousins so that my mother woulld allow us to go. Some part of eclipse was scary but the good thing is that they didnt cut most of the scene except for one. HEHE. They said twilight is getting better but I think
Seth is ugly lah Yee Wern. He like just appeared not even 10 minutes in the movie.
RILEY. The hottest vampire okeh ;D

GERMANY GOT THIRDDDD. 3-2!!!!!! It's too much to describe my love to Germany :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

How to fix things

Im so hungrrrrrrrrry now.

Off to watch despicable me. Heard it's a very awesome movie, just like Toys Story 3.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Should I believe you or is it another trick again?

Let's have octoupus for steamboat later. I want fried octopus with BBQ sauces. Yummmm :) Germany definitely going to get number three okay. And that Holland too! Kick Spain ass for Germany!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Woke up early in the morning and followed my mother here. I've been staring at the tv and computer and eat the whole day. Feeling so sick right now. Wants to go home right now. My sister will be back at 2 in the morning later. For that time I'll be sleeping already and I hope she wont bother my sleep.

Was really bored and went to google everything. And found FML page. I remembered I used to go there everytime when I was very very young. Before I have facebook, blog and everything. That was the time when I always play 2flashgames, barbie and neopets. Went back to see everything today and got lost. All the 3Ds flash stuffs damn canggih, i rather want the classic page which is much more easier. Im not outdated lah, but those things are too complicated.

Oh did I mention that my piano exam is on next next week? I felt so yaoyeng because I haven't practise a single thing yet. Im very proud of myself. I cant memorize my scales and arpeggios properly. My teacher is pretty sure that I will fail my scale. Yay.

This is why I prefer blog more than tumblr.

I feel so lifeless now man. Talking to everyone with my very own malaysian language. Nooooobies.