Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We pass our audition! Unexpectedly! Cheeeers :D

Do i have to tell out why I hate tuition class which full of nerdies? The teacher sucks and so do the students. They stared at you when you cant answer questions, they stared at you when you squeezed teacher's glue on the whole paper, they stared at you when you're just looking at your phone just to check the time. How nerdy can they be? I seriously cant stand it and totally sick of it ): ): ):

Monday, March 29, 2010

I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see.

I received dedications today. :) Thanks for the lollipops though the dedication should be sent earlier. I know what's the purpose of sending me lollipops okay. You want to see me bo geh,
dont you? Hahaha just kidding. Wei Ling stole one of my lollipop because she's being thats-so-Audrey, I gave Shobana one because she's 0h-so-emo. (: and Khairina kept bugging me to have one so I gave her pineapple flavour and she was complaining a lot. Noisy betul. Hahaha.

If you realized, me, Audrey and Cheryl kept talking about the song World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel right? Well, we are playing that song and Use Somebody by Paramore for charity dinner. Cheryl is the lead of singing,Audrey will be playing guitar and singing some part and Oh wait, we haven't pass our auditions. So do pray hard for us okay and support us though we might suck okay. :D

HZ is disaster of tuition classes. First he made some jokes that he thinks that it's funny and Mr Gerard got angry and screwed him up kao kao. Though he apologized but he never change. Today, he made chinese teacher frustrated. Teacher threw her marker pen at him and he threw back straight away. According to him, he said it's passing. Teacher got fed up and scolded the whole class because of him. The worst thing, teacher cried. The whole class blamed HZ. But he still acted like he's awesome. There's something he will never change, his childishness. Imagine how much I suffered when standard 5 okeh. He was my neighbour in class.

My printer dont print, it crashed papers. It became some crasher machine. Tell me how awesome it is. Damnn shit.

Oh and guess what? Our audition delayed to tomorrow. So bless us okeh. We are just beginners. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Far apart.

I dont know what's wrong seriously.
MSSD yesterday was great. I dont want to mention about those fcking discipline teachers there. Convent got into top 8 and they versusing Kwang Hwa today. Obviously you know which school won right. Today was great too. Teachers dont teach much in school. Oh, and I shall convert to Islam soon because I have 5 wives. Chiow not? I know you're jealous lah okay. Hahahaha.
Everyone's blog is dead, so do mine shall die soon. :) But I will keep my eyes on you guys so keep updating lah. Im so bored now.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Screw my computer, seriously.
It goes blackout everytime i used mozila firefox. And different colours coming out all the time. That's why im using google chrome right now. Mozila firefox crashed all the times and i should go and download safari soon :) Oh and not only causes from Mozila Firefox, this compie also have problem turning on and stuffs. So dont ask me how I'm blogging here. I have magic and you dont. Shhhh and shoosh :P
And happy birthday Izreeen! ily ;D

Oh im so random because im so bored.


After a short holiday, nightmare starts next week onwards. I dont enough fun yet. I havent watch Alice in the Wonderland, Lovely bones, Valentine's Day *whatever* and blah blah. Anddd, there's stuff I was supposed to do this holiday but failed. But btw, I had some good days with you guys. Under the mountain was a stupid movie, now i know why people said NZ's movie sucks. Remember was awesome at the back though I dont really understand the movie much.

An outing with my cousin and aunties on Sunday after class.
We love her specs ;DHave slurpee after Tuesday Asiah.
I made awesome slurpee :D

Audreychinweiling ; Mine ; Shobana.
Now i know why i feel like peeing the whole afternoon. Shhhh.
Sho thinks hers was cute. Hahah.
Went to see cina doctor on Wednesday.
That Cina Ahpek said i have some backbone/spine problem and asked me to stop my dancing. As if I'll listen to him ;P

P.S : What's the rush?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wild and embarrassing day.

People backstabbed you even harder and dont even remember how you usually treated them. It hurts so much, seriously.

WILD WILD day and some embarrassing thing happened. Went to Cheryl's house after morning tuition and went wild. I missed how we rolled on each other on the bed and laughed our ass off for some stupid stuffs. After evening tuition, some embarrassing stuff happened. Cheryl offered me to carry me and without thinking (okay, it was my wrong) I just jumped on her and she cant balance and we fell. The worst thing was everyone was staring at us and laughing like shytz. Oh thankgod some people wasnt there or seriously, I dont know where to put my face. Anyway, I already have no face lah okay. So after this, stop talking about it. It's sooooooooooou embarrassing. Chop chop. Stoppppp it. End of the embarrassing story =/

My ass hurts so much btw. Cheryl fell on me and my ass hurts. I having red marks above my ass. And my ass hurts.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Total mess

I screwed my test papers. And im ready to fail. Tell me how awesome can it be.

Seriously, stop with those stupid rumours about me and him. I dont mind gossips but totally hate those sooooou not true rumours about we together. Whoever who started the rumours, go die lah. I have nothing else to curse whoever you are because I over-cursed today with Shobana. Maybe tomorrow, I'll start my cursing and all again.

Ohh, another holiday next week. Let's go out like siaw before i get my monthly test result. My mother's gonna screw me kao kao. Okeh, enough of crapping and cursing. Toodles.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010