Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Magical Powers

I will let you know what's my magical power tomorrow, Tan Jilyne. And you will be very very very very shock of it. You going to call me your queen soon. HAHAHAHAHA.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Heylo humans. Do you guys realized that i never had a long post? I was supposed to type one now but my fingers bothering me. Every click on the keyboard hurt like shit. And OMG. We are playing basketball tomorrow. Geeeez, looks like i cant play and just be a audience at the side. Urghhhh.SayKoon told me about it and i tried.
I chose female and male and they gave me all females.
DAMN. Im not a lesbie okay.
I miss baking.
It had been two years after primary school ends.
The last time was I went to Yvonne's house to bake cookies.
We failed because its hard to bite.
I still remember her mother expression when she tasted a bite.

HAHAHA. very insulting.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good girls go bad

Addicted to the video AGAIN.
If im a boy, I'll love Leighton Meester veryverymuchie.

The starting of holiday *Photos*

I went to do my passport on thursday morning because im flying to taiwan soon. Yepppiess. =)
I can go shopping like hell with this much of cash.

The starting of holiday.
Saturday morning.
St John AGM.
Vincy and me in Full-U.
I hate dressing up like this seriously.
I made the mess and they kept it.
After AGM, having breakfast in canteen.

Later, Interact senior farewell party at Klang Club.
Sexy lady. Woohoo. x3
Jils.She's tall for the first time cause of her heels.Sho shaking her ass. HEHE.
Musical chair.

After tuition, Joe Wei's birthday party.
Oh how sweeeeett. HAHAHAHAHA.
The girls VS the gays. LOL. Joking.
Ehem ehem beside her.
Some dirty tricks.
OMGOMGOMG. Thanks to my sister and her friends.
Smashed cake.
Spot me.
Ghost under the light.
Right kicking by Evee: Thank god that's not my ass.
Left kicking by Werny : Thank god im not a guy.
Thanks to lalamien.
The biggest present from her biggest admier.