Monday, December 19, 2011

the sistah!

so it was sunday afternoon i was watching tv so comfortably in the living room, watching one of Steven Chaw's movie. My father was upstair talking on the phone while my brother and mum went out for shopping. then, the door bell rang and i sensed that something was not right when i saw my sister's friends outside my gate. and there my sister popped from the side of the door, i got the shock of my life. TAN JIL LYNE CAME BACK WITHOUT ANY OF US KNOWING. oh ma god, i got a heart attack and the next thing i know, i was crying. i swear that's not tears of joy but i was really shocked. so yea

THE SISTAH IS BACK! we went shopping the next few mornings. 
with Yieng Shing, her boyfriend and May Chia.
and we had the best Nasi Lemak ever in Villiage park!

it was real fun day with all <3

self feeding

so my brother came back one week ago and of course i'm always looking forward to...

the food he brought back. nyehehehehehehe

a whole big packet of cappuccino nougat.
my fav barbecue sauce! i'm going to mix it with any food next time. heh

this is most probably for my niece and nephews.
and more and more and more chocolates in the fridge! this is going to be a fat holiday.