Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fearless- Taylor Swift

I have 2 minutes more to blog.
Okay, so here. Next month is going to be a very very busy month.
My father
is coming back on this saturday.
My brother is coming back on Sunday i guess.
My cousins
are coming back on July.
And i guess Ying Yun and Luke Chen is already landing.
I hope H1N1 wont bother any of my plan.

Jilyne's masterpiece.
I'm not that pro yet, but soon.
ONE word to descirbe: HOTTTT.

My aunty is here. Byez.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Kwang Hua DMC was like okay lah. Last year was so much better. But i felt its kinda worth cause i get to see May Chia since so long ago. And we gossiped banyak banyak things. Comments for Kwang Hua guys : GAYS. I saw Hung Yang wore the same shirt ( also known as couple shirt ) with a guy. Omg omg. He got AIDS. Next time dont ajak him go out with us anymore. And comments for mostly girls: SLUTS. Yea,you know what i mean.

Si En,the MC.
Ehem's shoe and ehem's shoe.
When he sang 'ai ni zhi you wo yi ge ren', i felt like going up the stage and slap him.
See rumin, I didnt take your picture right. *coughs*

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The weather is hot like hell and I'm having a cold. *sneeze*
Okay, today was Hari Koperasi. Our school is very stupid. They made us came by 7 and the whole thing started at 10. Bodoh betul. I was not supposed to sell at all. But i help banyak people. Make sure you people help me back for the next time i sell.

Rajin betul.
She's reading my book.
Babi girl.
Cheryl selling spaghetti.
Curi tulang.
She'll definitely kill me if she saw this.
The lemonade mak cik.
Izreen Zuuuul.
She's kinda sad the whole day cause of the who-who-who was the last day in school.
Izreen. Sayangku number 2.
Dammit. Skip this.
Xiu hua.
Oops,it's Xiu Myn.
The monkeys.
The so called Spain fans.
You know who lah.
Kavee.The last picture.
Idk whatta they doing.My sister made me drink this everynight.A higher-class glass will be better.
Lagi ada siapa?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everyone is a BITCH. Even guys. Guys are SOB. There's a stupid guy who though I'm crying. WTF. Pheww, feeling better.

I decided not to sell Canteen Day coupons anymore. Oh wait, i was supposed dont have to sell at all. But I will still continue promoting. So now, I'm encouraging you people should stop selling. We are the one who sponcer the foods and drinks. We work for free too. For wat so susah? Cause some of the money will still go into the teacher's pocket. Try to return to your teacher if you support our school. I dont want to mention about results again. My mom would chop off my head if she knows the truth. God bless me.

My father is flying to Aus tomorrow. I'm having one week freedom! And THSeon,you are in big trouble. HAHA.

Im a DOOR BITCH. Lalalala. x)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Think of someone who used to be so shy to camera.

In school, last year.
Thanks for the cinema ticket and Boston! I love you!

Lol. Im seriously out of idea how to wish someone.

Xiu's partteh

Morning, Mr Gerald tuition. Me and Jaspreet playing the cube thingy underneath.Jaspreet did this every single minute. Chun ehh.

After tuition,my mom fetched me to JJ for Xiu Myn's birthday party.
In boston.The birthday girl.
I stalked Ade.

Awww,so sweet.
Cao ta punya food.
Allyanaaaa. =)Allyana and Izreennnnkus. =]
Im the only who ordered such kind of weird drink.
I stalked Ade again.
Ade was trying to 'stalk' a Lao Ah Pek who stalked her.
Look pretty retarded here.
We went Lavender and met them. :]]]]]
The girl behind kept look at me. Yeah,i know. Someone going to say im perasan.
Xin Rou yang lama tak jumpa.

Minta maaf for the blur pictures.
Everyone got aliens eyes. HAHAHA.