Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i seriously have nothing else to do here in Bandung and i miss my camera a lot ): siggggh.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


this is what you can stare at when you're hungry.

mcdonalds lime ice cream.
starbucks! <3

mc shakers with large fries! totally worth it.
oh annnnd strawberry fondue!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

interact farewell partay 2011

Last Saturday, we had Interact Club Senior Farewell Party 2011 at Puan Renuka's house. And her house was, FUH. huge and nice! especially her neighbour's house, SUPER LUXURIOUS. okay, so me and wei ling went there right away after chinese class. while wei ling went to plan the games with angeline, i was in thekitchen with shoby helping out with the food. i can say this year party was a little better because of the fooooood! it's even better than 5-star hotel food, no kidding.
Cheesy mushroom, muffins, lasagna, NACHOS WITH CHEESY SAUCE <3 and barbequed marshmallows! 

Puan Renuka's dog! sucha good boy. weiling even kissed it with her lips.
p/s: never let her kiss her cheek, and she kissed on xiu's cheek today. HAHAHAHA 

 group photos of the seniors 2010/2011.

 treasure hunt! it was reallly funny looking people running around the house area, trying to find for clues. especially people who ran around with food stuffed in the mouth and left their shoe in the middle of the road.
 winners of treasure hunt.
 next game, pass the parcel!
jyeyih did yoga, that was a dare btw.

the fun stops here.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Imma sweet tooth!

food post!

went overnight at cousin's house and had this while watching movie marathons. it wasnt that good but cheese flavour is not that bad. 

went shopping somewhere around Sunway Giza and had snowflakes for the first time!
this is totally highly recommended but i still like the one with cincau better (:

and few weeks later, Tan Jil Lyne the bimbo is back! :D :D
simpsons cookies!
mwahahahahaha! the oreo and caramel kit kat i'd been asking from my sister for years!
hohohohohoho! i shall not let Audrey Chin sneak in my storeroom to find all my kitkat!
and more chocolate bars! going to blog about every single flavour of chocolate bar soon :D
and something that you cant miss out. Tin Tams and more candies! This is going to be a sweet moment for a sweet tooth like me.

time for supper! goodnight :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

blog banner

spent hours doing my blog banner and having uploading problem now. wth. will try to upload it soon. sorry if i left out anyone. i cant squeeze everyone in.


Goes around, comes back around.

While uploading my family trip post pictures, i found random pictures of Kerwyn few weeks ago. He'd been coming my house recently and he fell in love with my laundry basket.

And there, i threw him in because he was crying just to get into the basket.
After a while, he got bored inside the basket and he was trying to get out.
I was laughing out loud at him while busy taking pictures of him.
He tries harder.
and harder.
when he finally got out from the basket, 

he crawled back into the basket again -.-