Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

October 31st is the day you get free candies! 

Luckily today only I know that it is Halloween. Had a great night sleeping alone last night without my sister. She's having high fever. Sigh, i want to have it too :((( i hate having Seasonal Affective Disorder. Go google yourself :P

Saturday, October 30, 2010

what are we now?

Not because we grew up but we grew apart. Where's the trust you used to have in me?


Because these people miss me, so we're hanging out every week once. 12 out of 20 people turned up but it was still fun. the venue is some steamboat restaurant and the best thing is it's steamboat buffet which means you get to take any food anytime as much as you want! We are greedy people and we took foods that we dont even know what it is. Just bite one mouth then threw it all over the table. Had icecream and played some stupid 'alleh alleh' game before going home. Great night. 

Looks more like cow's in
Of course this is only part of the food we took.
Fried octopus! 
Say Koon squeezed almost the whole packet of margerine on it and no one wants to it eat.
Hee Zun finished most of it because no one likes beef.

 Catching prawn was fun cause we all shouted when the prawn started jumping and the restaurant was looking at us.
 You can take as much as you want. Awesome!

 Hung Yang is a bad cooker.

 i wonder why Audrey Chin will never grow taller.
 we were going to pinch Ta Hsien's face but he knew our plan.
Revenge on Thaddeus just like how he tiak my face in front of everyone.

Our next gathering : Lagoooooooooooooooooon! :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yummy foods.

We wanted to bake and make sushi before PMR until yesterday. 7 am in the morning, my mom dropped me at school and I followed Xiu Myn to Audrey Chin's house. She didnt answer our call when we were waiting outside her gate until  her mother woke her up. So. We made sushi with fish roe and crab meat and salmon without mayonise and wasabi. 

Look at mine. So cute right.
compare to Audrey Chin's. HAHAHA.
This is the best and also the last sushi we made. Cheesy sushi!
For lunch we made spaghetti! Oh it's actually Audrey and Xiu Myn were the one doing the most things. 

It's time for lunch right now. 4 o'clock already. HEHE. Toodies.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dont wanna feel your pain.

Randomdomdom photos (;

Love the fabric.

Andddd presenting you...
iPad! My cousin hardly uses it so.... HAHAHAHAHA. (what?!)
Oh and, I will never buy any accessories from Diva anymore. Things i bought from there will never last more than one day. Super sad right.

seesaw was made for two persons because when you fall, there will always be someone to lift you up again :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My father had dinner on Sunday night so we went dinner with my aunt and my uncle and my cousin. Brought my baby and played with it on the car. I know some of you hate camwhoring, so dont scroll down. (like you wont) :P

It's the best time to play with lights at night.

No photoshop, no photoscape or whatever at all.

I'm not the same kid from your memory.

6 years old small boy went to learn basketball and he asked me along to take his pictures.
A 6 years old took this picture with my camera. He's so into photography and he's going to get a sony cybershot next year. 7 years old only okay.
I didnt want to take his picture until he knows how to play it better. But he insisted me to take at least few photos of him to show his mother. Awwwww :)

Watching kids playing made me laughed my ass off man. Damn cute and funny.

has been down this road before and it was painful, so why am i taking this road again?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Dates.

YUMMMMY, i miss baking ):

The week after PMR.
watched ;
Child's eye twice! And wasted 18 bucks on it. My very first horror movie with friends. An i hate horror movie. The first time was with Wei Ling, Yen Shan and May Chia in Aeon. Honestly, I was covering my eyes and ears almost the whole movie. Wei Ling was telling everyone how timid I am before the movie, she ended up hiding behind Yen Shan the whole time. She don't even dare to listen to my ghost stories, kononnya kamu sangat berani huh?
The second time was with Cheryl and Yee Wern in MBO today. There's nothing to watch after Life as We Know It so we decided to watch Child's Eye since both of them haven't watch it. Watching horror movie the second time will never be scary anymore, but Cheryl was the one who scared me because she was holding my hand so tightly. I bet she'll definitely cry if she watch it alone.

Before Child's Eye, watched Life as We Know It.
It's just like some typical American movie. Falling in love then fallen out of love then back together again. It's always happy ending, unlike Child's Eyes.
Oh loooook. 3 kids in one character. They are actually triplets and they are really good in acting.
Super cute ;)
Thennnn, watched Sammy's Adventure with my cousin sister and her children. I would like to rate this movie 1/10 because it's super childish and the story line was like, er? what the point?Even my nephew said it's the most boring movie. Seriously, dont waste your money on it. This movie is even worse than The Princess and The Frog.