Tuesday, July 28, 2009

27 July Wifeeyyyku

Happy belated birthday....

Model of Boston.
WIFEYYKU, Adeline Ng Kai Wen! (she loves pink)
She's pretty (which everyone agrees) , sweet and nice, never says no to peeps and everyone loves her. We used to be close last year during English class until this year she started to busy about her prefects' thingies and we only meet during recess. She always turn to the back and chat with me. We shared every secrets. She used to be my English class partner and this year she had been missing me during English class.
She's playing iPod touch.
Never talk to her when she's busy. She's very blur.
She's always blur.Erm? HAHAHAHA. Drama queen.
When everyone is still young at Ade's party.
Oh wait, one year younger.
Adeline looks innocent and she is.

And the last thing, ILY (: andandand ILOVEYOUVERYVERYMUCH! :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I rate you ten stars

HELLLO, earth to humans. Lama tak jumpa. I've been busying about Sims 2. So here is some sortkind of short post and then pictures scroll down. Just some few pictures. Lazy upload all.
I met three humans yang baik hati today. We did st john duty half shift today. Me and Pui Yee supposed to finish earlier but Sok Ching and Shalini came to disturb. We played hide and seek too. Sok Ching and Shalini cant find us and they went back to the BKT. The boss was the a good human. He asked us to put our bag in the petrol station and give us free squiggles. More stories about him.
My brother went back to Australia finally to continue his studies. The computer is always having problem after he went back. I freakingly mad at the space bar. It's becoming VERY loose. To Seon: You better fix it next time you came back.
Facebook is making me mad. I was trying the whole day to sign in but failed. BABI FACEBOOK. One week i sudah didnt update it. HAIZ.

Shots of Audrey CWL. Lazy edit.
Except for this.
Spot the ball.

Afternoon, in school.
Digging in the dusbin was awful and dirty. But we had to. One of the seniors just digged the rubbish dump without gloves. Impress.Scary picture taken by Yieng Shing.
She came to my house the whole day. We made sushi but failed. Our sushi was like worst than shit. They studied the whole afternoon and evening until i came back. My sister took a crazy video about me and yieng shing doing stupid things.
Magee mee taken today. Ohh, I'm missing it already.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturdayyy *edited*

Our store. Last year we had more customers.
2K store ice kacang.
Candid shot.
The sun on Evee's head.
Kavitha always say she's ugly when she looks pretty.
Since when im shorter?Cher and my hair.
Joe Wei's house. Her bedroom and bathtub makes me feel like... It's VERY dirty.
Her dog's head is even smaller than Yee Wern's palm.
I wonder how Joe Wei torture her dog.
Something interesting when we walking to Joe Wei's house.
BR before youth nite.
We went Aeon.
I was trying to take the guy who's playing guitar.
He's so HOT!
I dont know why the hell im hugging her. OMG OMG.Dance floor. Everyone was so in the hyper mood.
Dancing the whole night.
Me & the balloon.
Someone stole it when we were dancing in front.

I went 6 places in one day. The busiest day ever.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


TRANSFORMER 2 is super-duper-triple CHUNNNN okay.
Those who havent watch should watch.
I regreted what i said when the first time i saw the trailer.
The robots fighting were pretty cool and all the graphic. *two thumbs up*
Andddd, bumble bee is sooo adorable.
Oh wait, MEGAN FOX IS SO BITCHY. She dated Zac Efron out and blahblah *out of the topic*
WATCH LAH, HUMAN! Dont buy dvd, the sound effect in cinema is pretty cool.

About the monkey

This is the first and also only picture of us when we first met.
Happy belated birthday, monkey. ( Damnshit, Im wishing late again. )
She's the one who always 'snatch'(share? *coughs*) things with me.
My sister, Her pet sister, Oddii and even the Keyboard.
The weirdest thing:
We were both shocked when we met in piano lesson. Piano teacher told me there's a new student that morning and I was so excited cause i though it will be some hot guys. Then when I heard someone talking outside the room, the voice was so familliar to me. It's kinda crooked lah. When she came into the class, we both were like, OMG. SHUI BETUL! I didnt expected a monkey know how to play piano. HAHA.
Her talent : banging on the keyboard.
She's tak matang. HAHAHA.

Im gone

Dont ask me where am i.
I've been busying playing GTA. HAHAHAHA.