Saturday, November 12, 2011

dare you to move.

i have no idea why am i blogging for. so i've been dead for like few weeks and people been complaining about my dead blog. but still, i've got nothing else to do now and so here. i had thousands of words to speak.
1# end year exam was finally over after three weeks of torturing. allelujah. but still i did it quite badly. listening to all my friends complainin that they almost got A+ seriously gave me motivation to study harder next time. but im pretty sure it wont be happening.

2# i seriously dont understand you. why the hell are you disliking me? does backstabbing me around entertain you? if no then stfu. you are seriously one good actress, you talk so nicely to me in front of everyone and turned around talking bad about me. gedda life, we are already 16. who still do backstabbing job? honestly, i dont judge people by size and look, as for you, you suck in everywhere. sorry to be mean, this is just a little revenge to make myself feel better. go on with your jealousy, do remember i will be 'ahead' of you no matter how hard you tried to ruin my life. lol that's what my friend told me.

3# been busy with moving into new house. after years, i'm still sharing room with my sis and we're going to have wardrobe problems soon or later. and guess what, we are going to have sleepover and bbq party soooon :D hoyeahhhh noisy people!

love my new silk blanket! <3